Dorothy Saaroni

Dorothy Saaroni
B.A. Dip.Ed. CMC
Commonwealth Authorised Marriage Celebrant
Kew VIC  3101
Ph: 0425 852 864

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As well as wedding ceremonies I am fully qualified to conduct ceremonies that acknowledge a wide range of life’s celebrations and milestones. These include 

  • Commitments
  • Name Giving
  • Birthdays
  • Teenage Transition
  • Funerals
  • Memorials
  • Retirement
  • Dedication

Commitment Ceremony

A Commitment ceremony celebrates the bond of love between any two people, not necessarily same sex couples. These ceremonies can include a public celebration with friends, family or simply a ceremony just conducted with the couple alone. They can be designed by the couple themselves with their choice of rituals, symbols or music.

These ceremonies or celebrations are ways to reaffirm relationships and a commitment to those relationships whether they are about the original vows made in marriage or simply a life partnership. Often these ceremonies are small in scale and held in places that are particularly meaningful for the couple. Children of the couple may be included.

Naming Ceremony

This ceremony is created to celebrate an important event in the life of a family such as the naming of a baby or the marking of the adoption of a child. It could even be part of a birthday such as a child’s first birthday. These ceremonies can be alternatives to more religious and formal occasions more likely to be conducted in a church. However they may also include religious or cultural references. Although the ceremony has no specific legal requirements it is a formal and public expression which acknowledges the commitment and the responsibility of those involved towards the individual in the naming ceremony.


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